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About Alexis Azria

Alexis Azria currently resides in Manhattan, but she is a West Virginian at heart and an impassioned philanthropist. As a child, she saw first-hand the impact of poverty and inadequate education on families. Later, she realized that these issues didn’t exist only in her home state, but affected populations on a massive scale. Regardless of country, poverty and illiteracy do not discriminate.

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Alexis shifted her philanthropic efforts toward supporting groups that alleviate global hunger. She partnered with organizations that take steps towards effective change despite prejudicial social issues. Rather than highlighting what makes us different, Alexis and her fellow humanitarians strive to spotlight the traits we all have in common. 

Alexis Azria served on the board of Action Against Hunger (AAH) for nearly a decade. This worldwide humanitarian organization was founded in France and is known worldwide as ACF International (Action Contre La Faim). ACF is dedicated to eradicating world hunger and offers potable water access and long-term hunger solutions for entire communities. As a board member and active fundraiser, Alexis served on the development committee, co-chaired their annual gala, fostered business collaborations, and recruited significant contributors. She frequently spoke with field representatives in French and Spanish to learn what they needed, leveraging their stories to high net-worth individuals for donations that lead to $10,000 up to $100,000 contributions. Alexis was also fundamental in ACF’s New York office’s expansion from a small organization of nine individuals in 2003 to 45 headquartered personnel in 2012. 

Alexis also served as a board member of Our Soldiers Speak/The MirYam Institute, a platform for top Israeli specialists with unique and varying points of view to provide the personal perspectives of troops fighting on the front lines of conflict. Previously, the group visited high schools, college campuses, and larger communities. Under Alexis’ guidance, OSS’s reach went from ten US venues to more than 200 institutions and 300 public high schools on four continents by 2012.

Alexis was recognized for her philanthropic efforts respectively in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Alexis is also a talented writer who has written articles for websites and short stories for several literary publications. She taught English at Bowling Green State University, a top public research university in Ohio.  She also worked as a guest choreographer for universities and appeared as a model/performer in regional and national print, TV advertisements, and shows.

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