The natural effects of aging can sometimes make independent living harder than it once was. Difficulties with mobility, behavioral health conditions such as isolation, loneliness, and financial strains are just some of the contributors to a loss of independence in aging adults.   

Although older adults can face the various challenges of loneliness and failing health, volunteers can boost senior citizens‘ morale by helping them retain their independence longer.  Here are a few suggestions. 


Help With Chores

As people age, it often becomes more difficult for them to do common household tasks. If your neighbor is elderly, ask if you can help them with their lawn care or housekeeping. Many senior citizens will appreciate your kindness.


Run Errands or Provide Transportation

Once older adults lose the ability to drive, their independence is threatened. However, with the help of a caregiver, they can still go to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, or hair salon. If you have free time and a car, offering to drive your older friends or neighbors to their appointments is a great way to help them.


Visit or Volunteer at an Assisted Living Facility

You can also visit people in assisted living facilities regularly. If you’re unsure what to do, bring a care package or a game. Some residents in assisted living facilities have no visitors, becoming quite lonely. They will appreciate someone wanting to spend time with them, eager to connect.


Teach Tech Skills

Many senior citizens do not understand social media or know how to retrieve emails. Some are not comfortable with computers or technology. Given that several companies and hospitals only respond to emails, it is a crucial skill for all of us. Taking a moment to help seniors navigate their cellphone or computer can be a lifesaver for them.


Do an Intergenerational Service Project

There are a variety of projects in churches and temples that people of all abilities can participate in, such as sending care packages to troops overseas. Intergenerational service projects help seniors remain connected to their communities, combatting loneliness.